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VW Up GTI review – new pocket rocket evokes the original Golf GTI

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Well priced, well made and well equipped for the money, the up! GTi is good to drive in most respects without re-writing any headlines dynamically. The engine is the strong point, the brakes and chassis less so. But as an alternative to the similarly priced Twingo GT it’s in a league of one, even if it’s not as much fun – or as fast – as the more expensive Fiat 500 Abarth.

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Bob Vale says:

Lots of negitive comments…from I guess people who haven't driven it yet…well I have driven it today and it is fantastic….nimble, fast, pulls very well in all 6 gears…rides great..well built..all the spec you need..try it is great fun on a twisty road..oh and I ordered one ??

Trancemusiconly says:

What is the point of making powered version of a small car? Just for a tick?

voice of reason says:

This is basically the ultimate trim level for the UP!, with black wheels, tartan and GTI badges. You can tell even Steve isn't sure about it, and he's usually as enthusiastic as he can be about any performance car.
I wanted this to be good, but I think 99% of people would be better off with a supermini from the class above with a similar engine. Especially for the money VW are asking.

Mike Page says:

Nearly 9s is not a hot hatch. It's tepid at best. It needs to be sub 7.

David Hayes says:

The mark 1 GTI was an expensive car. It was 60% more than the standard Golf and nearly as much as a Datsun 240Z/260Z. It rusted badly and had very little equipment, poor brakes and used the driver and front passenger as part of its crumple zone. Hence it’s lightness. The fact that this cheap car gets any where near it, is a testament to modern cars and this little car in particular

TassieLorenzo says:

This car should be lots of fun, yet it doesn't seem to be much fun at all. Just a monotonous low-revving drone and an all-round nice yet unremarkable supermini. A way long from the giggles of the Mk1 Golf GTI indeed. :/

Eyal Nm says:

Abarth 500 is the same size and it is with 180bhp

vr43000gtkid says:

Its hideous, kind of reminds me of the Mitsubishi Miev we get here in the states

Felipe The Gentleman Driver says:

cool car. In the sixth chapter of Grand Tour, they do a probe of the car

Herculano Alonso says:

Proper review. Would still buy a Lupo Gti

rafaelnousa says:

Proper review as usual.

SMN BOYO says:

Sounds amazing

Rq7 says:

Think i’ll stick to my Panda 100hp then

Stuart Middleton says:

Gone are the days when any GTi badged VW was king!

John Grytbakk says:

A proper small hatch. …the GTI that I would want to own for sure. Cool little car.

Matthew Villamor says:

Oh it's such a dream!

Bruce Lee says:

I would rather getna Swift Sport. But each to his own 🙂

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