W Motors at Monterey Car Week 2016

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A look back to last August when W Motors brought the Lykan HyperSport and the Fenyr SuperSport to California. The Monterey Car Week is always an unbelievable experience and definitely one of the most incredible celebrations of automobile excellence in the world.

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Sien Abdulla says:

W motors cars are soon awesome

Taylor Sweetova says:

Arabian brand car!?

Khan Uzair says:


Tutorials 4 You says:

lebanese in blood!!

Amine says:

Excuse me guys you are saying that lican is the first arabian super car and this is a lie the super cars moroccan company laraki exists since 2006 please correct this and appologize to your fans who believed you.

Ritonite says:

Épic car 😱✌🏻️

Prem Prakash says:

i will see tha car once in my life time……

Evan Guthrie says:

But why a flat six? You could've gone so much better!

Cursed Mortal says:

It's been a long time since reveal of Fenyr. Yet no interior details.

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