W Motors Fenyr SuperSport – Triptych Active Spoiler

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The Fenyr SuperSport boasts an innovative active spoiler that is one of a kind.
The Triptych Active Spoiler is composed of three separate moving flaps, the Fenyr’s spoiler operates using a complex electro-mechanical system that guarantees the synchronous movement of all three surfaces.
The side panels deploy automatically at 80 km/h and the master panel deploys at 120 km/h, helping the car to keep the rear planted when driving at high speed before folding back seamlessly into the body.
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syed roadeo says:

It is really wild and awesome. Love it

FCSTMシェルにき says:


Lùn Nấm says:

Lol its can beat all car of lambo and ferrari :)))

Tyler says:

This spec is awesome!

Shìv Ranjan Patnaik says:

Suprb car in the world i love it

최지준 says:

Wow very good

ZuybluX says:

Now that is one badass spoiler

Rence_ 31 says:

1st the lykan supersports then the the fenyr supersports

Jonathan Kysar says:

one sexy beast

Alvin Vazquez says:

This is my most favorite car!

Naber Altay says:

I like that agressive design and sharp lines

Sqeakasaurus Rex The Screaming Banshee says:

when will this be released

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