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W Motors Lykan Hypersport – $3.4m Overview, Start and Revs

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W Motors presented the $3.4m Lykan Hypersport at the 2014 Top Marques Monaco show, and here you can see the looks of the 770hp 3.7l flat-six hypercar before it starts up, gives a few blips and heads out of the showroom floor.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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Blank says:

Way too many people complaining about the price. This car uses very expensive materials and was made to be the most luxurious Super car with only 7 being made. I think they pulled that off. Their newer model the Lykan Super Sport will ditch all the excessive luxuries for over 1000 horse power, weight less than 2700 pounds, cost much less than the Hypersport, will still be a very exclusive car, and have better aerodynamics. I hope to see this company succeed they have good point potential to becoming a competitor.

tyler gang says:

Fast and the furious 7 Red car

Haojie Xu says:

Bill gates be like ill take 3

Sharokis says:

I think I would rather walk XD XDXDXD

LamboSpyder99 says:

back to watching russian crash vids

Chesty La Rue says:

That would look so much better in matte black…

GOLDshred says:

This better claim the fastest lap around the nurburgring in order to justify that tag…

Peet says:

Batmobile 🙂

Pwnage says:

does not sound or looks like $3.4m

Professor B says:

looks better then the new stingray way better then the F12 barlanita and Lafarrarri 
and even Aventador the Aventador is getting old just like the Veyron

Professor B says:

1:45 the all new BATMOBILE

Professor B says:

the super Arabian car well done

Badar M says:

Zenvo+Aventador+Veneno= Whatever car this is.

Team Shmo says:

lol so many people complaining on it's price for what you get. Anyone who buys this car really doesn't care if it performs better than a Ferrari. They buy it to drive around town and blown people's fucking minds! This is the 100 million dollar yacht for the road. No one needs it, but every single person who sees it and knows you own it is totally shocked.

Armando Martinez says:

Please guy's guy's…this car it's the bets…I had been playing asphalt 8 with this beautiful car babe and there no way for all other cars to get closed to me ,this car is awesome.

Armando Martinez says:

Please guy's guy's…this car it's the bets…I had been playing asphalt 8 with this beautiful car babe and there no way for all other cars to get closed to me ,this car is awesome.

LU SLZR says:

The thing has DIAMONDS who the F*** puts jewellery on a car it's problably just me but Diamonds

Sabroe says:

Who in their right mind spends 3,4 million on that? It's way too over the top, i know nothing of the engineering but i can imagine they are not that experienced, in my opinion the interior is not really that appealing and that sound… urgh. I'd buy a Koenigsegg and a Carrera GT and still have enough left over for a house. 

raylon sam says:

Ill use my 4,000,000 Dollars and Buy a Honda Civic instead.

Vince Simard says:

Such expensive cars should be able to fly to the moon. 3.4M for only 770HP, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

EndlngAnthem says:

Interested to see if this will appear on jay leno's garage. At a 3.4 million dollar price tag I don't even think he will spend that much on it.

BallerMan J says:

3.4million 770hp for dis shit.How much crack cocaine did they smoke,how coke have they snorted,how much heroine they shoot up.How many Molly's did they pop.#they are seriously about 2fail

Milomay says:

I wonder what number it is

C0nfusedMan3 says:

it sounds similar to a 911 turbo

no vnm says:

3.4 mill ?? hahaha no thanks

Jim Borghini says:

Wonder why it's so expensive; Massive R&D perhaps? Not blown away by the appearance of the car.

8power0 says:

 Awesome videos shmee that w motors lykan hypersport sounds so brutal, on the street it is going to be so captivating for all on lookers.

8power0 says:

5 The w motors lykan hypersport has gat to be the best looking hypersport i have seen for 2014 so far with the mclaren p1 coming a close second the interior of this car looks like W motors has been crafting coachwork for some time this car is going to sell.

David RF says:

I'd bet on a track it's slower than a BMW M3…

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