W Motors, The Making of a Hypercar – Episode 2

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Episode 2 – The Second episode of the making of the “W Motors Hypercar: The Lykan HyperSport” – first seen on MotorvisionHD, on the 28th of January presented at Qatar Motor Show. The first Arabian Super Car by W Motors.

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slv 421 says:

It looks like a honda civic with a bunch of fiberglass !! Looks cheap

Momataj Khatun says:

Extraordinary car

Irineo Velasquez says:

I would like to design one of these cars.

Theo Christian says:

yeeeeeeaaaaaa.. nanti supersonic junior tunggu ya om .😆

NephilimFree says:

The idea of a "supercar" category was invented by young guys who wanted to believe their consumer-based car qualifies as a supercar, so they attempt to push supercars into their invented category of "hypercar" so that they can believe their car qualifies as a supercar. There is no such category as "hypercar". The cars a relative few call "hypercars" are in the supercar category. Supercars vary in performance just like cars in other categories do. There is no production car which has performance so superior that it leaves the supercar category to become another category. The category above supercars is racing car. and some racing cars do not have superior accelleration to supercars, but will surely have superior handing at high speeds. By the way, a modified consumer-based car which has far better performance than it did stock is not a supercar. A supercar is a car that is designed to have extraordinary performance from the factory. Some goofballs believe they can put $12,000 into their $15-25k consumer-based car and it then becomes a supercar. It does not. It becomes a modified consumer-based car, nothing more, regardless of it's performance. Some people also wrongly believe that a $50-150k car, such as a BMW M6, qualifies as a supercar. It does not, regardless of it's horsepower output. In fact, no matter how expensive a car is, it is not a supercar unless it has specific characteristics by design. A supercar is a car with specific characteristics, such as being low profile (very close to the ground), high power, slippery aerodynamics, high performance handling components, and highly unrestricted exhaust – all for the puepose of providing extreme performance at high speed, and all of these being factory design features. No consumer-based car has all of these characteristics.

Mikhaela Gacud says:

this car is perfect!

Ryan Rawlinson says:

My favourite car

Hussam Riadh says:

Dr.Mohammad Al-Shara’ Actually liked it very much

Макс Кирилюк says:

я б хотел такую тачку W MOTORS

Tommy Aventador says:


wassefdabboucy says:

Great achievement!

Mohamed Skafi says:

Fro personal point of view; this is my favorite hyper car in the world. Go for it W MOTORS

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