we drive a 707hp Grand Tourer by MCLAREN / #5 The Supercar Diaries

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The Supercar Diaries #5 / Novitec McLaren GT

McLaren decided to make a designated GT car, so we bought it and tweaked it and then took it for a drive. But is it any good?

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bubbinator88 says:

I like how v8 this sounds, I like this channel were gonna show off and review super cars but first we're gonna modify them

Hot dad says:

Novitec a C8 Corvette please

Kayebesieh Amara says:

Im not gonna lie but that intro was cool

SixK says:

I like this but 720s in my heart
Edit: i really like the GT with novitec kit

Daniel Dolofan says:

I just bought a Mclaren GT 2 months ago
My first Mclaren I love it awesome car
Doing downpipes and tune so I can wake up that 720s motor 🚀

Legendary Loso says:

Would you buy this over a Huracan Evo?

sir georgio alastrata says:

That spec is PERFECT

acwolf65 says:

I’d love a GT and a 720s spider in papaya spark with stealth package.


The white looks good on the Mclaren GT. I much prefer the look of the 720/765. Good review overall. Still laughing at the part about "Frunk" lol.

Martyn Dyson says:

I really like the shape of the GT, i prefer the front end of the GT compared to the 720s but the performance of the 720s cant be sniffed at however my favorite shape and performance from Mclaren is still the P1, it looks the best all round and it has a distinctive sound no other super car has especially with the roof scoop! I do agree with you that Mclaren always chooses the worst spec possible for the launch of there cars! Hideous bright pastel colours with silver wheels! The Senna launch spec was shocking, it made the car look like some toy from matchbox, having seen some very nice dark spec's with little accents to just show parts of the shape, black shiney gloss and wheels, they look like different cars! I like the black n white spec on this GT, it looks stormtrooper spec!

Michael Dawson says:

The GT looks and sounds amazing especially with the Novitec touch 👌🏻 Glad to see you exploring random roads out in the countryside getting lost and having fun. Perfect car to get lost in.

Bronwin Carr says:

For me this is the most stylish and my favourite of all McLaren cars.

The Spirit with No calm says:

Ngl I prefer the gt in mclaren's line up, it is my dream to get one day

Skripsi Bali Official says:

beyond the cock?

F McBurney says:

Beautiful car and the P1 exhaust note is phenomenal!!

Chris P. Bacon says:

Idiot .. Failed!

xXBoboddyXx says:

Nardo Grey GT (with Novitec accoutrements) would be insane!!!

Michael Reilly says:

Looks great in white! I’d still take the 720s 👌🏾

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