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StoneBridge & K-Syran - Starry Night

I’m re-united with the TVR Griffith, and what a colour to show it in! What do you think I should go with when the time comes? Join me also at Autosport to take a look around at some incredible cars including the Ferrari FXX K Evo, a GMR Supercharged Vantage GT8 and plenty more…

Autosport International and the Performance Car Show play host to an incredible array of motorsport stands, with brands showing their new cars including Ferrari with the FXX K Evo, 488 GTE and Formula 1 cars, Bentley’s new Continental GT3, the introduction of Jaguar’s iPace e Trophy that will make up a support race to Formula E. My AMG GT R sits in the social media hangout area alongside Queen B, Gas Kings and Archie’s pranked R8 Plus.

Stay tuned for a look behind the scenes in the Live Action Arena as well, I can tell you it’s a spectacular show!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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