What it's like to be overtaken by a 9ff GT9R doing 220mph at VMax Armageddon 2010

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What it’s like to be passed by a 9ff GT9R doing 220mph when you’re doing only half that…


James Gregory says:

Haha this is a quality video

Jigo says:

no offense, but what are you trying with your MX5 at a Vmax event ? 🙂 funny video anway, thumbs up 😉

Pedro Patrício says:

fuck yeah that is great!

scratrulz says:

hahaHAAAAAAA!!!! that was awesome! XD

Mhamad Bakri says:

Mazda 1.6i vs 9ff gt9r
very fair race 😛

spadgm says:

Amazing, shame it got crashed and written off later that day!

DoctaM3 says:

Just ridicuLOUS! so sweet

irfzb says:

LOL superb!!!

slowlygoesthenight says:

That 9ff is effing fast 🙂

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