What It's Like To Drive A $3.2m Bugatti Chiron Sport

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I visit Bugatti Broward to test drive the incredible 1500ps Chiron Sport! My first time driving the latest Bugatti hypercar and it doesn’t disappoint. The Chiron Sport has improved handling characteristics over the standard car, which itself was the successor to the Veyron. Huge thanks to Bugatti and Bugatti Broward for making this happen.

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People in the Comments says:

You do talk how people would think rich people talk like

gray pierre says:

The most overrated car in the world


finally pov bugatti chiron

Victor the Vloggerrr says:

The thing is my least favorite part about the buggati are the gt characteristic and I've never driven in but I think the huayra,agera r,la ferrari etc they are more harsh and probably funner at slower speeds and you always know your in a crazy car with a Chiron you can forget that your driving a 3 million dollar car and I think if your paying that much for a car you want it to feel like that and not only when you going 300 mph but with Koenigseggs,paganis or the la ferrari is very crazy and exiticing and you won't forget you payed millions for the car. That's just my opinion I'd like to hear your opinion and the people that read this comment (: (btw I'm not saying it's a bad car j still think it's insane and amazing and the 2 times I saw one I freaked out so I'm not saying it's bad I'm just saying I think other hypercars can give more fun for the money and at the end of the day you want to have fun in these cars)

RDB. says:

i'm right there with you mate. this has been my no.1 car since it's inception, and if i ever came into a shit load of money this would be my daily and id live in it forever haha
don't see too many good videos on the sport either. anyway loved this one mate, keep grinding! much love.

DoubleDeckerAnton says:

I Wonder what the 3rd Bugatti will be?
A 2000 hp electric hybrid?

Bis Chongo says:

"this car's awesome!"

"not American enough… needs them ugly bumps in the back, plus reflectors. Not to mention, you won't get the same fuel efficiency than the rest of the world."

Ryan Dimmick says:

It’s like watching shmee, and that’s a bad thing.

Chris G says:

Was 20 mins away from my house

Alphabet 7 says:

Why does the fastest car in the world need a sport spec lol

A gaming toast says:

What’s the music starting at 1:25?

ZapFume says:

I feel for the guy in the second seat having to listen to this shit youtuber

Alasdair Kerr says:

So much more noise and sculpture than a Veyron. Bugatti moving the game on significantly. Desirable in a way that a Veyron isn’t. Amazing Sam. Great spec too.

Wodan says:

Why does he talk like Shmee. xD

Pablo Malaga says:

Bugatti tests in USA are pointless, why not use the autobahn?

Jay's Eye View says:

WOW! What an experience and a great video as usual Sam

abkaria nofs says:

He looks quite like Ed Sheeran 😜

Justin Sajevic says:

Lol, a $3,200,000 car without a touchscreen pad or cup holders…. What kind of asshole pulls that on the consumer? Seriously sad… so bare. Does it come without speakers as well..?

Ben says:

its funny because ive never seen a Lamborghini before but ive seen one on these on the highway

Kawsar Hussain says:

Someone’s made it. The time piece says it all

Peter on Cars says:

Give me IT!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Kelian De Valck says:

That blue carbon 😍😍

Kevin Deselms says:

Definitely appropriately excited to be driving one of the world's most expensive sports cars…I'd be geeking out, too. Thanks for letting the rest of us live vicariously through you for a while!

Sophearak Meas says:

After watching this video man!!!!!!
I literally unsubscribe the boring channel thestradman and subscribe to this guys!!!!!!

Thomas Romain says:

That spec is spot on! Dark blue carbon is just amazing…

Elie Arab says:

darth vader

Sanghoon Lee says:

Great thumbnail. But shouldn't you be bowing IN FRONT OF the car instead?^^

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