What's a Venom GT like on a Runway? INSANE

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We’ve already shown you, on our /DRIVE show /Tuned how the Hennessey Venom GT is so fast, even on public roads, that we could probably get arrested just for telling you how fast it is. And that time, it was on low boost. Well, now we’ve got a runway, and the wick turned up to “destroy.”

They say if you spend a million dollars on a car it should give you an orgasm. This one actually does.


mason noven says:

Listen to that car go!!! The sound ….mmmmmm good!

fLēX Mått says:

Well his life won’t be that long anymore

Bravo J says:

2:47 2nd gear change is mental!!!!

Bravo J says:

I have never heard a sound this crazy!

D_simic says:

Whole video watching his face smiling

Deim. says:

The only thing this has that is related to a lotus is the body, so it may be licensed, but there isn't much to compare it to when talking about a lotus besides the body.

Random Internet Person says:

if you think that shit is fast (which it is) wait for the fuckin venom f5

James Robin says:

Need to go to a surgeon and have your knees taken out?

T-bomb says:

Had to turn the volume down for that screaming idiot

Diallo M says:

imagine the cops trying to catch you 🤣🤣

Muzz says:

The look of sheer amazed joy on that first roll on. Matt Farah you just made my day.✌

Knife Boszz says:

ONLY 200!!!!! 😶FASTER!!!…

David Steinhour says:

Tom's not wearing a helmet because his grin wouldn't fit.

Hans Lozada says:

Wow I would like to try. Hahahahaha.

Matt Davis says:

Sounds like a turbo diesel but better.

Sean Gavin says:

The noise from those turbo's is insane.

Tafari Boozer says:

Holy shit, any time a car makes a car enthusiasts say that, it's very scary fast lol!

Diallo Morris says:

how can you still breathe?!

Diallo Morris says:

awesome car

Aerial says:

Now give us some drag videos ffs.

Wassup TURBO says:

What a pussy

alibobo baba says:

You can tell going that fast that quickly is awesome and terrifying at the same time by his face. Thats the face of realizing the raw power of that car. Fucking amazing.

John Sullivan says:

all these people saying "6speed manual just cant compete nowadays" john Hennessy is like "hold my beer"

carl davies says:

i want this guys job

American says:

That thing gets quick real fucking fast holy shit

I AM Batman says:

I tried a run like that one but using a black Venom GT instead of the Spyder that was used in this video and I pushed the car too far that I couldn't see how fast I was going on the speedometer but I know that the Hennessy Venom GT was too fast for the runway that even I don't want to push the car to its limits again not because of fear but because the car was uncontrollable at its top speed that its steering rate will not be fast enough to avoid an accident so I'll stick to my Batmobile.

Understandable Lizard says:

By the look on his face…I think it's a fast car

Mike Osborne says:

Makes my Firehawk look like a Prius lolololololol

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