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What's Going On With All These Faked Speed Records?

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The SSC Tuatara achieve a top speed of 331 miles per hour, making it the fastest production car in the world…or did it? We unravel the mystery behind the most controversial top speed run in recent memory.

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Ryan Edgeworth says:

#Lowteam forever bro. I'm broke so…. ya.

Photo S. T. says:

Dewetron sounds like Toto Wolf

ThaaJul says:

The only records I believe are from either Bugatti or Koenigsegg

Tammy the Duck says:

alright, FUCK,

nikolas T-nelson says:

is that's tim's outro

BUXBE says:

Why is the car in the video thumbnail different to the car you are discussing itself? The front ends and rear side scoops are different.

Pip Squek says:

Never thought Mr. Clean was a hyper car manufacturer

dirtblockgaming says:

They forgot the koenigsegg jesko

Naturally Curly Hair says:

This sorta reminds me of Halfthor’s deadlift

Eliakim ben Ishchayil says:

I thought Bugatti hit 300 mph already?

Klx3hundy says:

Well, they mae up for it and still beat the record, so who cares

lev mikhaylov says:

10:36 "I guess we'll never know"

We do know the history and character of American Capitalists bullshitting constantly. This was absolutely an attempt to fool the public.

Dj Johnny Storm says:

hey i look at it like this ok u made a mistake but still beat the record so mistake or not u still got the fastest car built

Echo Mike says:

SSC and Koenigsegg should be pitted against each other since they are into the same goal. Leave Bugatti alone, they are on a different stratusphere.

Sonic Crash says:

If I had the money I would buy it. Looks fast just sitting there

Jackie Warda says:

ouh wow. okay knowing that doubling your speed requires 4 times the power i can safely say that 1750hp are nowhere near enough to go 300mph+. it is physically impossible. then you ought to think about tire wear, friction and drag and it becomes a bad attempt at adding 100km/h to what is safely under 420 km/h. so they mixed up mph with km/h. that would only happen to imbecile scammers.

Brice Mauritz says:

Personally I would look back at Carol Shelby’s history and realize he’s tried to lie, cheat,steal,and scam people for money many times in the past. Look it up he’s an old fashioned kinda scammer and none too bright…… he always gets caught ….just check out the time he claimed to have found “two semi trailer’s of original Cobra 🐍 frames buried underground” and sell them as brand new original Cobra’s…….and got caught….

Spencer says:

I love these, your SO FUNNY! lol

Jayson Adams says:

U are talkn bout them so they are getn free advertising..smart move

Billy Calder says:

What's going on with all these faked speed records? I wouldn't know, you only talked about one of them.

Hello People says:

Top speed – 285mph

EarthMan… says:

Chutiyaon, last me kyu batate ho

Mohammad Rashad Ali Khan says:

Arnold Schwarzenegger 🤣

Jeffrey Kemper says:

You know corporations have speed limits requirements for on the road. Enforced so the everyday Joe can not get something that powerful because they know they can not handle it.
Honestly, just because you have a billion dollars to buy the fastest. You still will not get it.
Honestly, they have speed limits, horsepower limits, and weight limits for those reasons.
The u.s. does not have an auto box type highway here in America.

Otherwise so.e one would have a 10,000 horsepower car weighting in at 1,100 lbs., and top speed of 500 mph.
It is just not going to be street legal by any means.
If so I might build it.

That is like riding a super bike doing 240 mph. That averages out to over a football field a second. If you mess up you are road kill.

However no one has ever taken a boss hoss bike with a Chevy 350 up to top speed yet.
Most operators only get it up to 1/4 of full throttle and get scared and back down.
I would do it for a free brand new boss horsepower motorcycle just to see how fast it will go. But I would have to do it on salt flats.
They do jet car racing there and get up to 700 mph.

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