What's inside a Tesla Key?

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We DESTROYED the TESLA Key to see how it all works!

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Elon Musk has said recently he is switching Model 3 Key Cards to the standard keys like this one. We love the thought that is put into something as simple as a key.

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GAME BOI says:

there goes elon musks life work lol

Jose Rodriguez-Huapilla says:

Are u going to order the key or go to store because u can't u you're car right

Justindebruin2019__ says:

1:55 what’s going on with the kid

Nizam Abqary Official says:

dan: do not drive a car unless u have a drving license
8 years old indonesian boi:

drives without driving license

Everything overload says:

2:41 his head is about to esplode


Like Dad like Son

When he was explaining the Tesla model x

Real Craft says:

I mean 6:36

teo frone says:

Google assistant mhmm

derin imec says:

Found Jerry rig

Brian Wilks says:

Look back at the time @1:56 on the video 📸

ramunas pupelis says:

Im going to tell my dad

Vincent says:

I liked the intro with 6 Teslas

Alexander Quarles says:

I want a roadster as much as you do

⚡️Mini Yellow Cheese⚡️ says:

Nice! i’m always wishing for tesla

Lia Gaming says:

1:56 speedddddddddddddy head

jake says:

Tesla pasla

Spartan Conscience says:

Elon Musk claims Bitcoin is a polluter and yet overlooks the mining of
lithium for his car's batteries and rocket program are much bigger
polluters. He is a hypocrite. His factories use electricity from polluting sources
like coal and nuclear power. His factories do not even have solar
panels on their roofs. People should therefore protest by not buying his
cars and demand action be take for his rockets to use other fuel
alternatives. They should also protest outside his home and office
to demand this change.

Ryan2 Ratpanhya says:

Unless ur parent is works for the government, President,governor or famous. 0:43

Janice Anne Mateo says:

I have the same hot wheels tesla. It is white and it's name is tesla model X.

Kxrenaaa says:

Roadster is in 6 months From now

Jenny Dougherty says:

My key can open the back doors and the automatic doors but it’s not a Tesora

Lightsout XD says:

1:25 big flex but ok

Jd bael says:

steveee got this idea on minecraft

Riaz Mondal says:

Not interested

Copyright Free Music says:

The Model 3 Key Fob Has Summon Forward & Backwards YOU CAN USE YOUR KEY TO DRIVE THE CAR 3 Miles A Hour 🙂

Catify Gaming says:

6:36 why is there jerryrigeveryting behind them

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