When SUPERCARS Go Off-Roading ! ! !

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Hey guys, in this video I’ve shown you what happens when Super cars go off roading. Enjoy 🙂

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Original video channels:
TaxTheRich100: https://www.youtube.com/c/TaxTheRich100

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Speed Infinity: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI2-MXKp1tgIYXH8pHGC8oQ

Top Gear: https://www.youtube.com/user/TopGear

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gottaprepordie says:

Idiots have more money than they can comprehend what to do with

Babita Chaubey says:

MC Lauren P1 and Lamborghini hurricane

roni mont says:

이게 뭔 일이래?

Reza Radpour says:

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Tanbir Jack says:

1:30 poor. Agera rs. He was just playing in grass like a little boy


cool video… but a rolls royce is not a supercar mate

Jakub Nowakowski says:

If you name and introduce the video in english, speak in english.

Iwan44 says:

Minus! Żadnego nie rozbito!

0Bowser says:

Can’t stand to hear this dude talk the whole time

Ninh Riven says:

mấy anh thừa tiền có thể bắn cho em xin vài triệu usd được không chứ mấy anh phá xe trông phí tiền quá

Maciej Solnica says:

Can you just stop talking? Let us listen to the sound of cars.

maksim markovin says:

my eyes are bleeding now. i figured this guy speak english only at the end of this video

scarface1990 Craig says:

This just goes to show you enough horse power will get you out of anything 😜

Hussain Waheed says:

Mab i love these cars offroading

N B says:


Adventure Time says:

So that’s what the queen does in her Rolls Royce

Ronit 777 says:

Always rolls Royce 😘😋

MolarRider says:

can't take this no more lol

Jimmy Peeters says:

Before you are going to destroy such beautifull cars, send them to me (any of these supercars is ok, I don't need them all). I'll take care of them and treat them with the respect they deserve.

Ian Leonor says:


Raimond Ray says:

fun fact, the car is not cleaning it self while driving on the road 😐

Aboi Keishing says:

Lamborghini horoken😀😀😀😀

楊楊閎量 says:


Drew Temple says:

You talk too much

Isaac Anderson says:

Look at the wheel spin

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