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Where Is Elon Musk's Red Roadster Now, Was Launched into Space 4 years ago

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Where Is Elon Musk’s Red Roadster Now, Was Launched into Space 4 years ago?

Exactly four years ago, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy, the world’s most powerful operational rocket, launched from Florida and tore into space carrying nothing but Elon Musk’s personal Tesla roadster.
The cherry red sports car occupied by a spacesuit-clad mannequin nicknamed “Star Man” is still out there, taking a lonely, orbital path around the sun, travelling as far away as Mars’ orbit and as close as Earth’s orbit.
According to the website, the roadster has travelled nearly 2 billion miles and completed approximately 2.6 loops around the sun in the last four years, mostly through a barren, empty vacuum. The Roadster is currently 234,366,378 miles, or 20.97 light minutes, away from Earth and travelling at a speed of 4,020 miles per hour.
According to NASA data, the roadster will make two passes within a few million miles of Earth in 2047 and 2050.

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