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Why does the Koenigsegg Regera have Paddles if it has no Gearbox?

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A question being asked by many; why does the new Koenigsegg Regera that features direct drive and therefore no gearbox, still have paddles behind the steering wheel?

I posed the question to the company’s founder, Christian von Koenigsegg and here is the explanation.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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Alexander Vouzenthal says:

Oh not bad! I have to buy one

A Franca says:

1:35 with captions, " unless you did three laps on the Nuvaring" hmmmmmm Mr. Koenigsegg is quite the innovator

strawberry candy says:

I always wondered about that

NEXEL R says:

Christian von koenigsegg is a very cool calm and nice guy…he explains everything in a very particular manner….

Mr. Squeeky says:

It has paddles for gearing from P to D

Manny Echaluce says:

Basically a very fast Prius 😀

Manny Echaluce says:

single Gear the 7th 😀 since the other gears are dead weight most of the time

Tito Luigi says:

Because you gotta go Reverse

Samarth Khanna says:

Photobomb Level:
TATA Motors, India.

Kaeos Factory 'Kae Artz' says:

and if press Left paddle and Brake then Left paddle, L paddle, Left paddle + Right paddle, Brake, then Hold Left paddle and Right paddle until you hear a confirmation, you will enter a secret menu where you can enable cheat options like time travel mode, and invisible from speed traps mode, no cops mode and flamethrower exhaust mode.

Parvan Alexandru says:

shitty thing…i want to drive a car not to fly…in the near future they wont give us a steering wheel…we want to drive it ..to feel the car…

King of Rebels says:

Regera's interior looks like a Ferrari FF's

Insert name HERE says:

Ferrari and Lambo treat their cars like products.
CVK treats his car like a science fair project.

Emon Arema says:

Love Koenigsegg car. ??????

Just Some Goose With A Burning Head says:

Christian von Koenigsegg: One Gear Man

100 sportscar units developed
100 km in 2.5 seconds all day
and a test drive all day
100 car meet shutdowns

Riandhika Argatya Pratama says:

Wilson Fisk?

Gab Balao says:

There's no shmeeing in this video… (no "HIIIII GUYZZZZZ I'M SHMEEEEE")

batlin says:

Great question, and a great answer! I'd love to drive one of those things, except that after driving small engined cars for years and developing a heavy foot, I just know it'd end up accidentally reversing through the front window of my house while trying to park it on the slope… 😀

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