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Why Doesn’t The Koenigsegg Regera Have A Transmission?

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Why The Koenigsegg Regera Only Needs One Gear Ratio
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Why would Koenigsegg produce a vehicle without a transmission? Aside from the efficiency and weight benefits of having no transmission, the Regera can actually spin it’s tires when traveling as fast as 160-170 mph, meaning that any more aggressive gearing would provide no better acceleration for speeds up to about 170 miles per hour. Put simply, it has so much torque that aggressive gearing isn’t needed, and this video has the math to prove it.

The Koenigsegg Regera features a 5.0L V8 producing 1,100 horsepower, and three electric motors producing an additional 700 HP. Combined, the HP curves allow for a peak of 1,500 HP.

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Damvidetermine Duck says:

good video but kilograms, kilometers, metric unit thanks

Che Campbell says:

yes or no would have done

Souk Khanhsila says:

Too much math. Can I write a ten page essay instead? Wait, this isn't class.

AP1 S2K says:

Top speed power seems irrelevant, seems like we'd want to know how it's spinning a gas engine at a stop with no clutch.

Nelson Swanberg says:

When the coefficient of friction goes above 1 the area of the contact patch now matters.

Justyn Kevlar says:

Outstanding. U make me smarter each video.

Rob Etere says:

Weight distribution is 55/45 due to the batteries in the front, they have a wider tires in the front too.

Andreas Solberg says:

Well now i know that i cant become an engineer…

Daniel Dean says:

I am assuming rolling resistance doesn't include particular downforce numbers and specifics? I could only imagine how complicated 100% accurate calculations could get… So much to take into account.

Danio Domingues says:

you all only consider overflow what about new dynamics that go through and under the car? i believe theres less downforce and just better direction of where it goes in simple terms.

Emon Arema says:

Thank for short course about Koenigsegg car. Cheeeeers ????

Paul Cutcliffe says:

No transmission? Really? Don’t you mean no gearbox? Surely if the crankshaft were connected directly to the wheel, then it would simply become the transmission?

M R A Scott says:

How is a Regera going to cope with a long climb up twisty mountain roads with only 4.5KwH of battery? On these sort of roads speeds will rarely exceed c. 120kph, where almost all its drive is from the electric motors. Park up every 10Km to let the ICE charge it up?

bmomosaik says:

My Question for you is. wouldn't having more gear options save on gas? as you wouldn't need to have the engine at such high rpm's to get to higher speeds?

hejamodo says:

The title is incorrect, the Regera does have a transmission. What it doesn't have is multiple forward ratios in a gearbox, but without a transmission it's just an engine in a chassis.

texas digger says:

Or more simply put its an hybrid. It relies on powerful electric motors at lower speeds and is only geared for its final drive so at higher speed internal combustion takes over with one long gear. This works because both the electric and combustion motors are very strong.

Mike Harkins says:

I really HATE that board! lol

SuperRed says:

how do i learn the stuff he know Please what do i do ?

Universal Traveller's Lodge Hostel says:

Allowed for downforce at 160mph?

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