Why Tesla Model Y is Their Most Important Car! [Auto Focus Ep 5]

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Tesla Model Y has arrived and it’s Tesla’s most important car.

Tesla Model 3 Auto Focus: https://youtu.be/9O5PhuW927w
How Teslas Upgrade Over Time! https://youtu.be/_SoviSNZjso

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Car provided by Tesla for video.



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Travon Burke says:

Model Y reminds me of the model x

Tay Caine says:

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Jacob Ravanal says:

wouldve liked to see him drive at other places instead of driving in circles

Sharmina Aktar says:

Does anyone know when the TESLA Y will arrive in the UK?

Joshua Varghese says:

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Stacie Summers says:

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Sebastian Wahl says:

The design of the model You (and lesser extent model 3) is really disappointing. The model S is such a great looking car ! Why is the design so poor for the other cars (let's not talk about cyber truck)!

Juan Hernandez says:

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