Will Tesla Autopilot hit a dog, human, or traffic cone?

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TESLA TRAINHORN PRANK! https://youtu.be/vi7PtKVqyQM

Today we test the Tesla Model 3 autopilot to find out how effective it is in avoiding an accident and stopping the vehicle from a collision with dog, traffic cone, and pedestrian. Would you trust this car? Drop a comment below!

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Victor Alexis Rodríguez Orejuela says:

Esas calles son tan perfectas que parecen falsas xD

Shobhit Shrivastav says:

Disclaimer – no dog 🐶 harm in making the video 👏👏

TimJHowitzFPV says:

These cars will literally get bullied lol

Gamer Swapnil says:

Can't always rely on the machine, we should rather make our driver instincts better

Umer Khan G says:

Rocky is dead

Jack Tooley says:

Where do you live? That place looks sick

Sunita kumari says:

1:22 RIP Rocky😟😟

Venus Bhadauriya says:

Jutise for dog


India me aagyi to chor ke liye aasan ho jayega 🤣🤣🤣

Edwin Sahib says:

Imao, I thought I was a real dog😭

Hulises Avila EntertainmentZ says:

Dog: falls over
The car: VROOM

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