World's Fastest Convertible: 265.6 MPH Venom GT Spyder

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On March 25, 2016 the Hennessey Venom GT Spyder has set a new world record for open-top sports cars at Naval Air Station Lemoore where Racelogic, the renowned independent speed testing firm, has officially confirmed that a top speed of 265.6 mph (427.3 km/h) was achieved. The record run was certified by Racelogic technical director, Jim Lau, and witnessed by US Navy Commander Darren Fouts, Air Operations Officer. The Venom GT roadster was driven by Brian Smith. For more information please contact us: 979-885-1300

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Nickolai Wils says:

Koenigsegg: hold my beer

Faces of Canton says:

One badass car, but this is no a true convertible really. Any car can be a convertible if you rip the roof off but that's not exactly authentic

Mekhi Peck says:

Could've gone faster

Aiden’s Backup says:

That sound… Insane car in every way.

Xxprincess0akXx says:

0-400 Mph in 25.13 faster than Agera RS but the venom GT spyder Goes 280 in 3.2 miles and then Agera catches up

Mr. Aloha says:

Here we bare witness to the ultra rare viper in its natural habitat. Spook it and it is never seen again!

Lambochaser says:

270 would have came easily, with the top on…285+?

alex murphy says:

lol it hit 265 in 25 seconds

The Anime Libarian says:

5th gear it already left the holy trinity lol

iThomas says:

why stop at 265 I mean you could have hold it a little more for a 270 😛

Paky Linuss says:

She sucks with and without records. It is horrible !!!

HDR Kid says:

this deserves more view wtf

Jett Wilson says:

the video of it flying by towards the end I swore it sounded like a US fighter jet… oh wait IT IS

Prince Wave says:

Bet it coulda gone 270

Mk4_TRD says:


Mk4_TRD says:

wow is awesome speed

CK Chen says:

Ur spyder was a bit underpowered, u realize?

Riley Kessler says:

ayy length of the video is 420 💨💨

FreddieDoubleH says:

could of gone faster

Bryant Guidry says:

That's a damn jet !!!!

IFackyomudda InsertLastnamehere says:

This car fucking throws numbers. It sure as hell didn't look like it was even close to maxing out. All of this with a V8 while Europeans try shoving in heavy ass V12s and W16s. Can't help but to still feel doubtful

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