WORLD’S FASTEST HYPER CARS Showcase! Bugatti Chiron, Koenigsegg Regera, Lamborghini Huracan in GTA 5

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8K Lamborghini Huracan texture mod→
HyperCars…Bugatti Chiron vs Koenigsegg Regera vs Lamborghini Huracan – World’s Fastest Car Drag Race Battle
Instagram: @mr.gta5mod_official
Twitter: @shouda_yuuki

tags: 実車mod rockstar editor ロックスターエディター machinima short film enb supercar スーパーカー 世界最速 drag race ドラッグレース ランボルギーニ ウラカン ケーニグセグ レゲーラ ブガッティ シロン veyron ヴェイロン gta5 grand theft auto 5


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music name ?

Maral Hanova says:

The koenigsegg regera is not hyper its mega

Maral Hanova says:

The Koenigsegg is not hyper it's a mega car

Elias Andersson says:

Koenigsegg Agera R/ One:1 is the fastest 440 kmh

mat ireland says:

hurcan stands no chance against chiron and rehgera plus hurcan is not a hypercar lol

obed cuffy says:

I wanna she the chiron race the venom gt

SMohinder says:

This shit is on gta…….. FUCK MY LIFE

gagan nagpal says:

The bugatti colour is much better than koeniesegg colour!!!

Charm Charm says:

Chiron bulok

FW Vlogs says:

BTW chiron is ugly

Ref Solluminati says:

Lamborghini centanaro shouldve been in there

Rayhan Muhammed says:

lykan hypersport is the fastest car

Sebastian Czerkawski says:

What the fuck? Why are you comparing huracan to these ffs? The lambo you want to compare these with would be a centenario,aventador or a fucking veneno, not the fucking huracan(the poor mans lambo).

Black Falcón says:

This is a game and I came for real race…

Diego Gomez says:

srsly a bugatti n koenigsegg vs huracan? :v

Jacob Castro says:

Lamborghini Huracan is not a fastest car in the world

Moosa Ahmed says:

Chiron 1500 hp Regera 1800 hp Huracan 610 hp

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