World's FIRST Customer AMG GT Black Series is HERE in Dubai!

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The first AMG GT Black Series customer car is here in the showroom at VIP Motors in Dubai! With my GT BS hopefully due very soon, I couldn’t resist heading down to check out the first one in the UAE and one of, if not the, first GT Black Series in customer hands in the world!

The AMG GT is the 6th model to wear the elusive Black Series moniker as the ultimate in track performance from Mercedes-Benz and AMG. It launched approximately 6 months prior, and has already gone and set a Nurburgring Nordschleife lap record time despite poor conditions. Boasting incredible aerodynamics, and a new flat plane crank 4.0l Biturbo V8 making 730hp, this particular example is presented in the exclusive colour for the car, AMG Magmabeam.

With a short drive over in the Aston Martin DBX that I’m getting around Dubai with during my visit, thanks to Aston Martin MENA, let’s have an update and mini review now that I’ve become more familiar with the car and some of the positives and negatives. Then of course, it’s time to check out the orange beast!

Thank you to VIP Motors for the opportunity to share this incredible car with you!

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:50 DBX Update
02:31 On the Road
04:20 VIP Motors
05:37 GT Black Series
11:22 DBX Review
15:15 Outro

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Shmee150 says:

2020 comes to an end with an AMG GT Black Series delivered in Dubai, a car that will for sure play a big part in the channel during 2021, for which I cannot wait! Happy New Year everyone and thank you for your support.

Evil Angel says:

Hi Schwang!! Love the Porsche!

Richard Pierce says:

Didn’t Tim steal one of these? He should’ve remembered how to open the bonnet 🙄

DaMainDude says:

Everything is blacked out but chrome door handles? 😀

Wong Tsz Fung Nick 黃梓峰 - (2D31) says:

You must give your amg gt bs a custom exhaust when you get it, then it will finally have a sound.

Sorin Strat says:

Is not so nice / why you like so much this AMG

Nathan Schmidt says:

Not gonna lie , that wing is ugly , i prefer the original wing than this one lol

Tra Games says:

That car is sexy from that its tail to it's head from top to bottom and side to side

gilmar hidalgo says:

11:49 I like how he’s just casually driving past a Hellcat with near similar power figures as the GT Black Series

L96A1 says:

did the owner of the car give you permission to start his car before him, or did you use your influence to persuade the dealership. I'd be severely pissed off if I knew someone else had sat in my brand new car and video it for his own financial gains

Megumi T says:

That orange on GT Black Series is really bright!

Roger Rolex 69 says:

That’s why Aston has struggled for decades nothing new, they’ve wasted hundreds of millions of euros on poor designs and models that’s why they filed bankruptcy protection several times. Just look at the 3.5 million 007 cars absolutely ridiculous. Not a focused manufacturer with projects like this still going on. They can’t compete if they don’t focus on stunning models and cut all their waste and cost on cars people don’t want to buy.

Yussie B says:

That DBX doesn't look any different that your garden variety everyday SUV. Swing and a miss Aston Martin!

Yussie B says:

Is it just me or does the GT look like a Porsche from behind. From the thumbnail I thought that’s what it was.

itsNickPratt says:

Ok but why am I getting 2020 Ford Escape vibes with that front end😂

Hüseyin Zanardi says:

I like you much but you are very ugly Shmeeeeee 😀

sean hershey says:

Yeah….I dont get it.

Metal Wafe says:

Hey Shmee, amazing Videos as always. considering the DBX, i think there`s a touchscreen availible for the infotainmentsystem. It`s just a costly option. Second, i hope you`ll see it in a bright coulour and couloured interiour soon. I think thats where they really got their uniqe selling point. Being an amazing car for everyday use and therby standing out from the rest. I even like the more classy design since it`s a good diferentaiation to it`s main competitors which are most often up on power anyway. Have a good week and a wonderful 2021 cheers

James Pugh says:

Crazy how one came up for sale that fast being their super raer car and held as a halo car

Bit Stream says:

Very irresponsible

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