World’s first customer Koenigsegg Regera ft. Green Carbon

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Dancing in the Moonlight by Jeff Kaale


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Sunset by Canvai

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Ino says:

i love koenigsegg

Bleu Print says:

Regera, Huayra, and Lykan are my most favorite cars

Cool Ness news says:

Yo everyone leave a like and a link in the description and GO LAMBOS

Black Sheepmodding says:

Those are 4.5 mil that's sad that we buy that and don't help poor kids of Africa or cancer

Kevin Jackson says:

I love the color of the agera rs , i love that gray

t mac says:

One of your best videos ever!!!!

how not to game says:

Honest the most beautiful cars in the world

Petru Leu says:

Lol, I can see this guys dad saying "my son better get a job or I'm gonna cut him off"

TIS ME says:

wow your music selection needs work dude.

Art Mchugh says:

The Koenigsegg in a row through town ARE cool but we HAVE a Porsche Carrera like the one following ??


koenigseggs look comfy 😛

Carson King says:

Do you know why I wouldn't buy anything past a 911 turbo convertable, is because of people like you. I'd want one to pull chics not millennial boy/men, who do you think I am, Charlie Sheene?
You're all so pathetic, I've tapped not interested on your videos about four times but bootube must think I'm Charlie Sheene as well.

Renato Gomes says:

That Regera biohazard sign carbon fiber Wheels design are really odd.

aaah tex says:


That LIFEBoy1000 says:

I love singer Porsche’s. So much attention to detail

Jacob Webber says:

I really should be studying………………………………………………………..nah!

MyTedd ’-’ says:

i like the agera rs

maximus14433 says:

Still not a fan of the regera wheels. Couldve done better! Looks like an 80s jap car wheel. Minus it being purely carbon fibre.

B Cool says:

does anyone notice the wipers going to the beat of the song

Bionic Badger says:

The Regera in green is off the scale.

ลูกผู้ชาย เค้าไม่แถ says:

ผมชอบคุณ จากfcประเทศไทย

srinitaaigaura says:

The green regera's colour combo was so good I ordered a shirt and khaki pants of the exact same colours and it suited me perfectly…

Dre Baeza says:

Dyed carbon or carbon Kevlar

B3tro Music says:

Aah, switzerland, my home land

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