World's First Hybrid Lamborghini Start Up | Sián FKP 37

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Lamborghini invited me to Italy to experience the incredible Sian. It has a V12 engine with one electric motor and a supercapacitor! Because of this, there is no lag in between gear changes and you have an immediate boost when you need it. Stay tuned, in my next vid I’ll be driving it!!!
Hope you enjoy the vid guys xo Alex

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Supercar Blondie says:

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Suthan Jaswinth says:

There is a game which has this car

Roger Widmer says:

die dofe Khu nervt, lasst blond sein, das FZ ist GRün

Amur Gazaev says:

If this one is numbered 00 isn't they made 64 of them? 🤪



Dixie Normous says:

That is an absolutely STUNNING color oh my god.. probably one of the best I've seen on a Lambo 🗿

Wandy Veriyawan says:

kaSIAN tak mampu beli lah mahal sangat

Lucius Light says:

Such an aggressive sound 🤤🇮🇹

EB says:

That's not a normal Lamborghini key,that's a normal Audi A3 key!

Juninho Bill says:

which name of that color?

Alejandro Alvarez Tostado says:

Nice video, but why you did not drive the car and told us why it’s like?

Matthew Bond says:

The Supercap !!! – Reminds me of the Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future 🙂

G says:

Another toy car.

Random Dude says:

That sounds amazing

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