Yamaha WRF 450 vs Subaru Impreza WRX

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Yamaha WRF 450 vs Subaru Impreza WRX

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RebelRedShirt _ says:

Music is shit, i could not hear the subaru

MΣNT0R™ says:

i own the supermoto but i wish i owned both 😀

myloky1 says:

genial merci

Слава Егоров says:

все равно я бы выбрал субарик!)

Fernando Sandoval says:

The language of braap is universal, no translation needed.

J.J. Fraga P. says:

Buenas maquinas

timmy duffy says:

Super moto man gifted

Adamz678 says:

0:22 "My dick is this big."

Steve Kp says:

Je sais pas pourquoi, mais quelque chose me dit que le chevalier de Groland adore prendre le dernier virage en wheeling lol

abinadvd says:

For english people.
This video is for fun nothing else.
Serge , the bike pilot, says the bike is better because the road is just little turn left right left right…
So generaly the bike has not to turn.

Sebastien Ancarno says:

Ça bien les mon lan ou pas

rahmat hidayat says:

what your choice

Dylan Bogusz says:

I wish I could understand what they are saying…lol

Lukasz Nowak says:

taking bends the way this guy do on yamaha wow i mean one wheel wow man great run 🙂

Till Winter says:

1/10 of the prize and much more fun on the bike

fuckingkoizumioyako says:

down hill haha

artificierbatteur says:

5:00 : Wouah!

Dust Devil says:

I cant understand a fucking word but the Yammie spanked the Sube big time

Gaut macias says:

La qualité des virage moto

Moto Virus says:

5:06 OOHZAA OOHZAA, uuuuuuuu lol I think he was tring to say oh shit you mother fucker

David Watts says:

cars are poo

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