Zenvo TSR-S 2020 Sound, Start up, Rev, Acceleration & POV. Driving the new Zenvo hypercar

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This is a video on the new Zenvo TSR-S, a 1.4 million euro hypercar.

I first drove this Zenvo 2 years ago in Monaco and along the Côte d’Azur. It is like driving a race car but on the road. However 2 years ago, I did feel that although the Zenvo hypercar was a superb car, that it was too raw for driving daily on the roads.

Since then, Zenvo Automotive have really improved their hypercar, you can have different gear box settings, a harsh mode for track driving or a more subtle mode for everyday road use.

Zenvo Automotive is a bespoke hypercar manufacturer who build their cars around your needs. I especially love the carbon fibre work on the TSR-S which is all completed in-house in the Netherlands.

Thanks to @ZenvoAutomotive


Dan P says:

Love to see this accelerate on the autobahn

Play GT says:

Awesome car and beautiful place.



Nathan Drake says:

It has the pure turbo sound that can make the surroundings aware that it is a fast car.

Walter Ritchey says:

This is phenomenal. Why aren't more people talking about Zenvo?! Excellent work guys. I love what you're doing. I only wish I could afford to support you guys.

AY 97 says:

The color is something else.

Alan Albert divo says:

That blue looks amazing


To be honest Zenvo is super underrated

Alex Hejka says:

It's spelled "aero" not arrow

James C says:

I think this is the sexiest car on the planet.Only 1.5 million.

lightning9 says:

What's with the mic?

Vergel Subang says:

Still no nurburgring lap time. I want to see how efficient this active wing on the race track.

Avrid Sou9 L'edimco says:

Love the blue color, magical car

Tristan Bird says:

Keep up the fantastic work loving your videos

Gjarne Yandoc says:

plz do a face reavel plz 🙂

benzamg1982 says:

Hehe nice car ……at 16:41..nice 100.000eur tourbillion watch too. Hope you enjoy the car. Good luck 👍

Chris Kong says:

Only interesting on this car is that active arrow wings , other just like Nisan GTR level! Not sounds like Ferrari or lambo great

El Professor J says:

Is this a Hypercar or Supercar??

lolo hispanidad says:

Yo tuve el zenvo color blanco……….

Finn hansen says:

Love it👌😊

CT 5555 says:

The license plate shouldn’t be AK 33 it should be AK 47.

L S says:

are you getting one?

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