ZL1 Camaro vs Corvette C7 – drag racing

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Newest models ZL1 Camaro and Corvette face to face at drag strip,top speed,acceleration and drag race.


Enzo Gabriel says:

Zl1 camaro yes 😍😍😍😍

Marco Jordan says:

Zl1 camaro gap c7 corvette

Kriss says:

el de abajo se la recome

Gloria Durham says:

I love my camaro!!!!

Lil Aleksandzr says:

I rather them use zr1

Rafael ip0 says:

Corvette is beautiful

Ricardo Corral says:

qu craso de corvette

Its_LJ says:

You can immediately tell that the camaro’s have been built into drag racing way more than the corvettes

Paco_pro11 says:

no teneis cojones a poner el camaro copo

alex anaya says:

The camero is still cool did you add more horsepower to the Corvette c7 or is 650 horsepower

Prince Parish says:

When the older sister (Corvette) argues with the little brother (Camaro)

Luke Deshotel says:

They should’ve raced the stingray vs the fastest zl1 in the country it would be better

SKT_ GamesPro says:

me entero que el Camaro C7 se llama ZL1 y tambien me entero que el corvette ZL1 se llama corvette C7 jajaaj pero buen video men

G.C.A. says:

Corvette, simply, fantastic!


Lol why do cars look so slow taking off on video

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