Need For Speed Heat’s Goliath Track! Discovery is the longest track in the game where you drive the entire edge of the map. To unlock it, you first need to complete Discovery A, B & C race events. This event is only available on the night time side. Using the LV400+ Koenigsegg Regera with Ultimate + Parts for this event. Played with keyboard & Hard Difficulty. EDIT: Small correction, to unlock this race it’s reaching Rep 50, not completing Discovery A, B & C. Join the ISAD discord channel! Follow me on Twitch! #NeedForSpeedHeat #ISAD #KoenigseggRegera #NFS #NeedForSpeed
Gameplay of the unreleased Lamborghini Aventador S Khyzyl Saleem Edition in Need For Speed Heat that was added in the game files on the January Update. And it features a really big Wang! Performance wise is the same as the normal Lamborghini Aventador S Coupe, which is terrible. Thanks to GZILLA for letting me showcase this mod! Join the ISAD discord channel! Follow me on Twitch & Twitter! Timeline: 0:07 – Lamborghini Aventador Khyzyl Saleem Edition 1:31 – Cross Mountains Sprint (Day Race) 5:46 – Discovery C (Night Race) Soundtrack: NFS World Race 1 NFS Carbon – Ekstrak Hard Drivers Race Mix #NeedForSpeedHeat #ISAD #LamborghiniAventadorS #UnreleasedContent
Something I’ve sat on for a while… what if we make the small boy closer to the big boy? Much power, very smol. VOTE HERE …
A bunch of cars in NFS Heat have received a buff since Payback, but how does the fastest car from the last game hold up this time? ❱ Subscribe for more NFS Heat gameplay! – 🚨 MERCH Store 🚨 – ❱ Car Vlog Channel – ❱ Follow me: Twitter – Instagram – ❱ Join our community Discord – Outro: Madloops