Full race all angles here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfArLQbKYVQ
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Streetspeed717 in his 720s against 650ib on the Ninja H2 at the YouTube Callout, Maple Grove Raceway. Also check us out on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dragracingandcarstuff/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dragracingcarstuff/
World’s Fastest Bike races million-dollar Bugatti Veyron supercar in half-mile airstrip race. First time the claimed 300hp supercharged Kawasaki H2R hyperbike has been used in America. Roll race with 50mph start speed. Photos & Story Here: http://www.superstreetonline.com/features/1505-2015-kawasaki-h2r-vs-bugatti-veyron-spe-gtr-and-mclaren-12c-airstrip-races/ Special Thanks: Omega Motorsports, Sport Rider Magazine, SkyPixel Media (drone footage)
Bobas VW Golf Mk2 4Motion 2.0L 16V Turbo street car with 1233HP & 1094Nm @ 64psi on E85 fuel. Turbocharger from extreme Tuners. NG-Motorsports CNC cylinder head porting Don Octane 6 speed dog ring Transmission Performance Box: 0-100km/h in 2.4s 100-200km/h in 2,9s 200-250km/h in 1,9s 200-280km/h in 3,4s 1/4 mile: 8,67s @ 281km/h car weight: 1180kg (2601lbs) without driver top speed: 350+km/h Build and Software from Boba-Motoring visit my Homepage or Facebook site Boba-motoring.de or Facebook/Boba-Motoring #BobaMotoring
Kawasaki Ninja H2r vs Bugatti Veyron Drag Race 2016 Lamborghini Aventador vs F16 Fighting Falcon Subscribe Here: https://goo.gl/Xttk4r The Best Kawasaki Ninja H2r vs Bugatti Veyron Drag Race 2016 Lamborghini Aventador vs F16 Fighting Falcon https://goo.gl/Sz38SG Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. (Italian: [lambor??i?ni] ( listen)) is an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and, formerly, SUVs, which is owned by the Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary brand division Audi. Lamborghini’s production facility and headquarters are located in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. In 2011, Lamborghini’s 831 employees produced 1,711 vehicles. Ferruccio Lamborghini, an Italian manufacturing magnate, founded Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini S.p.A. in 1963 to compete with established marques, including Ferrari. The company gained wide acclaim in 1966 for the Miura sports coupรฉ, which established rear mid-engine, rear wheel drive as the standard layout for high-performance cars of the era. Lamborghini grew rapidly during its first decade, but sales plunged in the wake of the 1973 worldwide financial downturn and the oil crisis. The firm’s ownership changed three times after 1973, including a bankruptcy in 1978. American Chrysler Corporation took control of Lamborghini in 1987 and sold it to Malaysian investment group Mycom Setdco and Indonesian group V’Power Corporation in 1994. In 1998, Mycom Setdco and V’Power sold Lamborghini to the Volkswagen Group where it was placed under the control of the group’s Audi division. New products and model lines were introduced to the brand’s portfolio and brought to the market and saw an increased productivity for the brand Lamborghini. In the late [More]