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The Tesla Roadster With Space X Thrusters Will Out-Accelerate Any Car How The Tesla Roadster Hits 60 In 1.9s – Subscribe for new videos every Wednesday! – Recommended Books & Car Products – How fast will the Tesla Roadster be? How do the Tesla Roadster cold gas thrusters work? How much will the Tesla Roadster weigh? What will the Tesla Roadster’s 0-60 be? How about braking distance, or cornering grip? Will the Tesla Roadster be able to fly? Using everything that’s been stated about the Tesla Roadster Space X Thruster package, we’ll deep dive into how the system works and what sort of performance metrics you can expect to see as a result. The Tesla Roadster will use an electric air pump, powered by the main battery, to compress air into a composite over-wrapped pressure vessel (COPV). The COPV will deliver highly compressed air (~10,000 PSI) to around 10 cold gas thrusters integrated around the vehicle. This cold gas thrusters will allow for incredible acceleration, braking, cornering, and potentially even the ability to fly. Thrust Equation Derivation: (See equation 6) Base Equation Derivation – Specific Impulse – Engineering Explained is a participant in the Amazon Influencer Program. Don’t forget to check out my other pages below! EE Shirts! – Facebook: Official Website: Twitter: Instagram: Car Throttle: Amazon: EE Extra: NEW VIDEO EVERY WEDNESDAY!
9ff GT9R .. a View through the Back Window which separates Passenger Cell and Engine Bay. If the Car is in Motion it is great to watch the Coil/Damper Units of the Suspension..
Torque converters use a simple idea to solve a complicated problem. This Science Garage goes over how a torque converter keeps your car from stalling, and how it can actually increase the torque coming from your engine. We also look at the unique system in the Koenigsegg Regera- that uses a transmissionless direct drive torque converter variation to get over 250 MPH! Bart teaches us how cars work by blowing stuff up and cutting things in half. It’s a science show for the car lover who’s easily bored. Join Bart as he explains the science behind everything automotive. This is cars down to the atom. This is Science Garage. Some of our best videos ever are coming out soon, stay tuned so you won’t miss a thing! ►Subscribe here: Check out more Donut Media Videos:… Want a Donut shirt or sticker? Visit Like us on Facebook: Click here if you want to learn more about Donut Media: Donut Media is at the center of digital media for the next generation of automotive and motorsports enthusiasts. We are drivers, drifters, and car enthusiasts who love to tell stories.
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